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I provide a FREE, no obligation, telephone consultation for all treatments, lasting approximately 20 minutes, at a convenient time to you (contact to arrange).  During this, we can discuss the issues or concerns you have and you can find out more about cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy and whether the treatment is suitable for you.

Initial assessment session (approx. 90-120 mins duration) - £70

Clinic general sessions - (approx. 50-60 mins duration) - £60

(Enquire about reduced rates for young people up to 21 years.)

Therapy session timings - Mon - 6-8pm; Tues - 6-8pm; Wed - 10am-7pm; Thurs 6-8pm; Fri - 2-6pm.

Enquire about weekend availability or weekday sessions outside these timings.

For most treatments, only four - six sessions are required to support lasting change.

The Stop Smoking therapy programme costs £295.  This price includes the initial consultation, a 1-1½ hour introductory session, followed a week later by the main 2 - 2½ hour Stop Smoking therapy session, plus other support. 

(Enquire about current special offers.)

[Please note: prices include a tailored therapy programme and all recordings and written information provided prior to, during and following therapy.] 

Fees can be paid by bank transfer in advance of the session or in cash or by cheque at the beginning of the session. 

If you are unable to attend your session for any reason, please give at least 48 hours’ notice.  If less than 24 hours’ notice is given, the session will be chargeable at 50% of the full rate.  Please note that arriving late for your appointment may mean that you receive a shorter session.

To arrange your FREE telephone consultation, please contact me.

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