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The following are examples of the Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBH) treatments I can offer.  Contact me to discuss how I can help you. 

Most treatment plans will involve no more than 4-6 sessions of treatment.



A therapy programme tailored to you, to ensure you get the best chance to quit (and remain a non smoker).  See more...

Anxiety and panic attacks  

Therapy will include relaxation and mindfulness training, confronting challenging situations while focussing on relaxing more deeply; training your brain and body to remain calm while in identified challenging situations, then rehearsing positive responses and improvements.

Stress management (incl. exams) 

Therapy will include relaxation training, using hypnosis to deepen relaxation and confidence (training your brain and body to remain calm in challenging situations). Therapy will address and confront any negative behaviours and thinking through CBT approaches and under hypnosis.



CBH is regarded as a particularly effective and successful approach for insomnia, involving relaxation technique training, addressing sleep behaviours and negative thoughts that may exist relating to your sleep. 

Phobias and fears 

Therapy will include relaxation training to build a greater sense of calm and control.  Also, approaches to 'desensitise' you to your fears whilst practicing deep relaxation (as you repeatedly rehearse situations), thus changing the developed responses in your brain and any learned behaviours.

Physical conditions


A number of common physical conditions can respond well to approaches and techniques used in CBH, including high blood pressure, psoriasis, migraines, eczema and acne.

Weight loss


CBH can be very successful in supporting your motivation to change, can address existing, and help to create new, behaviours and routines relating to food and eating and can challenge any unhealthy or false thoughts you have in relation to eating.

Confidence issues

Therapy will include relaxation training to increase your sense of  calm and confidence in your ability, 'ego-strengthening' and repeated mental rehearsals within hypnosis of situations where you want to feel more confident, thus affecting and influencing how you feel in real life situations.


CBH can be a simple and quick treatment for simple habits, such as nail-biting, hair pulling and nervours tics, using approaches such as habit reversal training.

Pain management*


CBH can be highly effective in both helping to cope with chronic pain and planning coping strategies and relief for anticipated pain (e.g. dental work).  CBH can be used alongside or instead of pain killing medication. 

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)*


CBH can support improvements for IBS by reducing levels of anxiety (using relaxtion techniques) and lowering the perception of pain and associated discomfort. 


CBH can be highly effective in helping to address and manage many of the problems associated with menopause, including insomnia, anxiety and stress, loss of confidence and pain management.

*Although hypnotherapy has proven very effective, this is still regarded as a medical condition. Visit your GP first to get advice and a diagnosis. Once you have established with the doctor any diagnosis, and believe that hypnotherapy could help, please contact me.

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