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Male, 50s; insomnia.  'Sarah,helped me when I had some sleep problems. She really went the extra mile in terms of preparing relaxation / hypnotherapy tapes for me to use on my own too. Her calming voice is very effective in this regard.

Now I am sleeping very well every night and Sarah’s work contributed to this.'

Female, 20s; relationship to food.   'I genuinely feel that this therapy has been well worth the time, effort and money I have invested in it. I have looked at it as an investment in my own happiness and confidence and it has definitely paid off. My issue revolved around excessive eating and with Sarah’s help and my perseverance with the course and homework, I am well on the way to being my old self again! Sarah is wonderfully easy to talk to, I found I immediately had trust in her, and could comfortably confide in her with issues I would otherwise feel ashamed or embarrassed about. Sarah was recommended to me, by someone who has had great success with her, and I cannot recommend her therapy services enough. Thank you Sarah!'

Female, 20s; blushing.  'I’ve struggled with blushing for a long time but after finding it to be getting worse I went to see Sarah for some help. Through the sessions Sarah encouraged me to think about my blushing from different angles, which helped me in accepting and letting go of the negativity I associated with my problem.  Since my therapy I have seen a big improvement with my blushing and I continue to use the techniques and exercises Sarah taught me to improve even more. Thank you Sarah!'

Male, 30s; anxiety.  'I contacted Sarah during a difficult and stressful part of my life, where a combination of factors led to me suffering from anxiety and stress. The consequence of this became evident when I started having minor panic attacks at random, and was unable to maintain intimate contact with a new partner. Sarah gave me a really useful set of techniques to help manage the anxiety and stress, but more importantly, provided someone impartial I could talk to about my problems and help identify ways to deal with them. If you’re having similar troubles, I highly recommend giving Sarah a call to see how she can bring you back on track.'

Female, 40s; anxiety and confidence.  'Sarah has an amazingly calm voice which made me feel relaxed in each session. She tailored everything to my needs and not just a general ‘do this and you’ll feel better’ approach. I’m so happy I found Sarah, I now have more confidence and am worrying less. I would highly recommend Sarah.'

Female, 40s; relationship to food and weight loss.  'Sarah is an excellent therapist. I found her to be calm and empathetic to the issues of my weight which I attended to for. I felt that she worked with me to help effect change which I was able to then carry out after our sessions. I found the combination of the cognitive behavioural and hypnotherapy elements most helpful and have been able to successfully take control of my what was once daily chocolate eating and increase both my water intake and my exercise levels.'

Male, 30s; needle phobia.  'Having had a fear of needles for more 20 years, avoiding getting them at every point I was required to have some for work. 5 weeks before needing to get some travel injections that I was unable to avoid, Sarah helped me to become calm in the situation and to be able to have two injections done on the same day. I didn’t think this was going to be possible but with her help and by doing the homework set to me I over come this fear and now am much more relaxed talking and dealing with having to have injections and no longer avoid them.'

Female, 30s; focus and decision-making.  'When I started the therapy , wanted to focus on hypnotherapy only but instead I found very good the mix approach with CBT.  It was extremelly helpful to have the session hypnotherapy exercises emailed to me so I could listen to them in a daily basis.  Thank you for your support.'

Female, 17; insomnia.  ‘Through a series of hypnotherapy sessions, my insomnia issues and negative attitude towards sleep, which had been ingrained for some years, were transformed. The sessions themselves were comfortable and constructive, while the techniques used were effortlessly relaxing. The sessions helped instil a routine in to my sleeping habits, the benefits of which were noticeable almost immediately. Most significantly is the change in the outlook I have towards sleep, which has become considerably more positive and calm. Thanks to my hypnotherapy sessions, I have not only been able significant progression to solving a long-term problem, but believe I have learnt the tools and reasoning skills to confidently address the issue on my own if any bouts of insomnia reoccur.’


Female, 40s, weight loss. ‘I loved Sarah.  She has helped me so much.

Male, 20, anxiety.  'I found our sessions together very beneficial and have since seen positive and permanent change surrounding my issues with anxiety and panic disorder. During the sessions I felt understood and also that plenty of attention was paid to the specificity of my issues. The techniques used and discussed during the sessions were focussed and helpful and through the application of these techniques I have seen positive change.'

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