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Stop smoking therapy programme outline:


  1. Initial FREE phone consultation (approx. 20 minutes) - arrange the date to start your Stop Smoking therapy programme

  2. Stop Smoking introductory session (approx. 1½-2 hours) - followed a week later by...

  3. Stop Smoking main therapy session (approx. 2-2½ hours)


Welcome to more information about my Stop Smoking therapy programme. Working together, I am confident you will succeed in quitting smoking and staying off cigarettes for good. However, I can’t do it all for you.  You have to want to quit, have the motivation to quit and be prepared to put your heart and energy into the therapy.  The approaches and therapies we will use will be the best available. I will help you with 100% effort; if you give 100% too, I am sure you will succeed.


Becoming a non-smoker.     This isn’t about you just stopping smoking.  This is about you having the self-confidence and self-belief to become a non-smoker.  Research shows that people who really take on the belief, the sense and the identify of being a ‘non-smoker’, have much lower relapse rates, that is, that they are more successful than those who merely say they have stopped smoking.  Because, if you have just stopped, you could always start again, but, if you are a ‘non-smoker’, any future smoking behaviour just isn’t an option.  So, in therapy, we will be working together on you thinking, feeling and behaving like a non-smoker – and you consciously being determined to take on the mind-set, the attitude, the behaviour and the identity of a non-smoker.

A multi-component approach (Let’s throw the book at it!)     We will use a multi-component therapeutic approach, employing a wide range of techniques proven to work in clinical research studies.  In other words, we are going to attack this habit from as many angles as possible.  (It is important that you realise that many people crack the habit by using just one of these techniques.  There may be some ideas or techniques that work better for you than others – that’s just natural.  You don’t need to respond to everything, just some things.  But, by using many techniques, we will ensure that at least one of them does work.)

Motivation and self-efficacy. There are two key things for us to focus on within the therapeutic programme – supporting your motivation to change your behaviour and making sure you can cope with situations where you may experience future challenge.

My Stop Smoking therapy programme will repeatedly focus on getting your motivation really strong, passionate and determined.  And, we will focus on how you might cope if facing challenging times, situations, urges, cravings, thoughts etc.  You will learn coping techniques and we will rehearse you applying them until you are 100% confident you will be able to handle those situations, urges and thoughts.

Also, included in the programme, are materials and recordings for you to use into the future.  And, if needs be, you can contact me for advice and guidance on how to proceed.  You can only fail by deciding to fail; if you decide to succeed you will have all the tools at your disposal to make sure that you do so.  How does that sound?  Contact me to arrange an initial phone consultation.

The Stop Smoking therapy programme costs £295  - approx. the cost of a 20-a-day smoking habit for a month! (See Fees page for details of any current special offers).  This price includes the initial consultation, a 1½-2 hour introductory session, followed a week later by the main 2 - 2½ hour Stop Smoking therapy session, plus other support. 

[Please note: prices include all recordings and written information provided prior to, during and following therapy.] 

Fees can be paid by bank transfer in advance of the session or in cash or by cheque at the beginning of the initial session. 

If you are unable to attend your session for any reason, please give at least 48 hours’ notice.  If less than 24 hours’ notice is given, the session will be chargeable at 50% of the full rate.  Please note that arriving late for your appointment may mean that you receive a shorter session.

To arrange your FREE telephone consultation, please contact me.

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